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How long will a booking request stay in Pending status
How long will a booking request stay in Pending status

Information for Parents on Carer Response times.

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If you send a Booking Request directly to a carer, the Booking will stay in a "Pending" state until the carer either "Accepts" or "Declines" the request.

Bookings will stay in this state for up to 24 hours (or until an hour before the booking starts) whichever comes first. This is to allow ample time for carers (who often lead busy lives of their own) to respond, considering a booking request may be sent late at night or during the day when the carer is not contactable.

In the meantime, parents can send multiple booking requests at once, however please note that any remaining pending requests will need to be cancelled by the parent once one of these carers accepts.

The other option is to post a job instead as this is then sent to a large pool of carers who service the area. These carers are then given the option to apply for that job, with the parent having the final say on which applicant they accept. Job posts have a significantly higher success rate than sending individual booking requests.

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