Of course, we're here to facilitate connections between parents and carers and being able to speak to a carer before booking is a critical decision factor. However, we also need to consider the safety of our carers and systems that provide open messaging between users have unfortunately been abused in the past by spammers and other unsavory characters. As such, we require a booking a request before opening up the communication channels between parents and carers. 

Carers are more than happy to give you a call (or sometimes come around in person) after accepting a booking request to discuss your particular needs. And remember, If you were unhappy with the carer at this point you can always cancel up to 24 hours before the start of the booking and receive a full refund.

A lot of parents take this approach, however we've never seen anyone cancel after this introductory meeting. As we've already screened all our carers, the quality is very high compared to other online services.

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