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Troubleshooting Sittr Phone Issues
Troubleshooting Sittr Phone Issues

Issues making calls through the Sittr App

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Sittr's in-app calling feature, Sittr Phone, creates a dedicated phone number that allows you to communicate through phone or text with a carer or parent from the time a carer applies for a job until the time the job is completed. In order to do this, our system will match the number assigned to the booking with the number you are calling from and then route the call to the other person.

If you are having trouble connecting, check that you are calling from the mobile phone number listed on your profile (go to to check) and that number is sending is turned on on your phone.

Sittr Phone will not work if you are trying to call from a landline, a private number or another phone not linked to your Sittr profile.

If you are still having issues, please contact Sittr support so we can investigate and resolve the issue.

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