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Finding A Carer
I've found a carer, now what?
I've found a carer, now what?

Sending booking requests directly to carers.

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Great! Once you’ve found the perfect carer, simply make a "Booking Enquiry" via the carer's profile page.

Then you will need to enter the details of the booking including start date, start time, duration, location (we need the address at this point, however it won’t be shared with the carer until they accept the booking), and a brief message for the carer (this is a good place to introduce yourself and your family).

Once you’ve entered these details, you will be sent to our payment page where you need to enter your credit card details (or if you’ve already booked with us before you can use a saved Credit Card). At this point we check that your card is valid and has sufficient funds to process the booking, however we don’t charge the card until the carer accepts the booking.

Within 24 hours (usually quicker) you will receive an email confirming whether the carer has accepted or declined your booking.

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