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What if I arrive at a job and the family isn't there?
What if I arrive at a job and the family isn't there?

Help for carers when there is no one at the location of the booking.

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Under our Sittr Terms of Service, Carers are entitled to the full earnings of a job if they arrive at a booking that is not cancelled in the App to find that no-one is home or are told by the family that they are no longer required.

In the case that no-one is at the location on the booking (a parent "no show") then we recommend waiting 30 minutes before leaving the location and record evidence that you were there (e.g. a photo out the front of the property) as well as messages trying to contact the family in the case of a dispute later on. This evidence does not need to be sent to Sittr, unless it is specifically requested.

Carers then need to complete the booking in the app as they normally would, inputting the total number of hours that were originally booked.

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