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Is my Credit Card information safe?
Is my Credit Card information safe?
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Absolutely! Trust is a two way street and we wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for your information if you couldn’t trust us with it. Therefore, we have taken every precaution to safeguard this.

We use Stripe to process credit card transactions. We chose to partner with Stripe because of their focus on security and their experience processing payments for some of the largest websites in the world, including Facebook, Pinterest and Kickstarter. When you submit our payment form, we encrypt and store your credit card details in Stripe's Vault. This means that your details don’t even touch our servers, they go straight from your computer or smartphone to Stripe. Stripe even hides these details from us, instead providing us a special code that only we can use to make payments in relation to services provided by Sittr (nobody, including us, can use this code to make a purchase anywhere else).

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