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What makes Sittr different?
What makes Sittr different?
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A lot, really.

Firstly, every carer on Sittr is pre-screened meaning we have verified their identity, their Working with Children Check and their first aid qualifications. On other platforms it is up to the parent to verify these details independently (if the carer has them at all), however parents using Sittr can rest assured that every carer on our platform is already fully verified.

Secondly, we don't ask for membership or subscription fees to join or have access to our carers unlike most babysitting platforms. Instead all you pay is a standard hourly rate for your carer when you make a booking.

Lastly, we offer insurance for any job booked with us to the amount of $10,000,000. That’s right, $10 million dollars per claim. Of course, this is highly unlikely to occur, but you have the peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong while your children are being cared for by a carer, you are completely covered for any incident that may arise.

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