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How do I find Babysitter or Nanny Jobs?
How do I find Babysitter or Nanny Jobs?

Finding jobs on the Sittr Platform

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In order to search and start applying for jobs on Sittr, you will need your First Aid and Working With Children Check (or Criminal History Check if you are in New Zealand) to be verified by the Sittr Team.

You start your Carer Profile by signing up at, then selecting Create Carer Profile from the menu.

If you are using the App, you can select Create Carer Profile from the App Menu.

Once you submit your Carer Profile and documents for review, you should hear back from the Sittr team within 2-3 business days. After being approved you will start to receive alerts for jobs that you can apply for.

Please refer to the Verifications section of our Support Centre if you have questions about the types of documents you need to provide.


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